Automated Phone Surveys CRM Contact Lists

Import or Upload Phone Lists

With an easy to use file import wizard, you can upload any .csv or txt file of your contact list. Our system can automatically detect the first name, last name, phone number, address, and other CRM information. You can also specify and create custom demographic fields during the import.

Add New Contacts Directly

Need to add on phone numbers? You can easily create and edit any contact by clicking the Add or Edit button in the Contacts section.

CRM Integration

Voicent's on premise automated phone survey software allows you to integrate with your existing CRM. You can integrate with Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, and Salesforce.

Create Contact Lists from Survey Results

When you're done running a survey, you can create new contact groups based on those survey results. For example, you can click a button to create a new contact group list for all machine answered phone numbers.

Crosstabs Demographic Data

When you import your phone numbers list, you can include demographic data such as age, gender, region to get better survey results and understand how respondents vary by demographic.

Run Surveys on Narrower Audience

Use the search feature to create certain groups of contacts. You can create as many sublists and divisions as you want. Send different surveys to these sublists and groups for specialized survey results.

Advanced Search

Use Voicent's powerful built-in advanced search feature, where you can search for contacts based on whether they answered your previous phone survey call and more. Create groups from the advanced search features with a few simple clicks.

Custom Demographic Information

Add as many columns about your contacts' demographic information. When you import your phone list, this demographic information will be imported as they appear in your phone list. You can also choose to leave out certain columns when you import.

Unlimited Contacts

That's right, we don't charge you fees for the number of contacts or phone numbers you have. Import as many contacts as you want and we'll never bill you extra.