Automated Phone Surveys Outbound Dialing

Automatic Time Zone Adjustment

Voicent's automated phone survey software will automatically pause for time zone adjustments (you wouldn't want to call people at 4 AM!) and resume automatically in the morning based on the time zones that your survey participants are in. Plus, our system can delay and schedule calls to be made later if a contact's time zone is too late or too early in the day.

Dial Out With Speed Control

You can control the number of calls you make per hour by changing the number of phone lines you're using. Use 1000 phone lines at the same time to send 1000 automated phone surveys to 1000 different people at the same time. Whenever a phone line becomes free, it will automatically dial the next number and send the phone survey.

Automatic Retries

Specify the number of retries you would like to make to calls that get a machine answer or busy signal. You can specify up to 10 times with our hosted solution, and specify up to an unlimited number of times with our on premise solution.

Answering Machines, Live Answers, and Line Busy

Our software will detect when a call have been answered by a live human, an answering machine, or if it ran into a disconnected or busy line. These call disposition statuses will be displayed in the Detailed Call Report column, as well as in the survey campaign summary page.

Unlimited Phone Numbers

Upload a huge list and call them all! We won't charge you fees or extra costs for having too many phone numbers.

Route From Agents to Survey

After an agent is finished with a call with customer, the call can be automatically transferred to an automated survey that asks the customer about their experience with your company.

Route From Survey to Agents

Route a contact to you or one of your agents based on their responses to an automated survey question.

Custom Caller ID

You can use your own caller ID to make calls, so that when call recipients receive your phone surveys, the caller ID will be your specified phone number.

Custom Contact Lists and Groups

Use Voicent's powerful built-in advanced search feature, where you can search for contacts based on whether they answered your previous phone survey call and more. Create groups from the advanced search features with a few simple clicks.

Set Up Call Disposition Rules

If your automated phone survey reaches an answering machine, you can set it to play a different recorded audio file or use text to speech to record the message.

Rerun, Pause, Stop, Start

Our system will display how many phone calls have been completed, so you can stop whenever you feel you've got enough responses. You can also pause automated phone survey campaigns and resume them anytime.

Run Simultaneous Surveys

You can run different surveys as the same time. Simply create multiple surveys and watch your results come flying in.