Automated Phone Surveys Deployment

Outbound Dialing

Send automated phone surveys to a list of contacts with Voicent's outbound dialing, and collect results without lifting a finger.

Inbound Dialing

Voicent's inbound PBX systems have two purposes: you can set up a professional business phone system, and you can also create inbound surveys with unlimited questions. People can call your specified phone number and take a survey.


Want to speed up survey results and dialing? Just add more phone lines. For example, using 1000 phone lines means you can send out 1000 phone surveys simultaneously. If you want to slow it down, simply use fewer phone lines. (Use 1 phone line to send an automated survey one by one).

Get Real-Time Results

With Voicent's automated phone surveys, you won't have to wait to see your results. In fact, you can see real time results as your surveys are being completed.

Web Based, Mobile Friendly UI

Create, design, and run your automated phone surveys using Voicent's web-based UI, which is also mobile friendly so you can run survey campaigns and check real-time results on your phone.

Rerun, Pause, Stop, Start

Repeat the same surveys to the same contacts; pause survey campaigns any time, and automatically set a stop time based on time zones.

Recurring Survey Calls

Recurring survey calls are great for research studies. Imagine that you have a experimental group who is taking a pill every week. You can send your automated phone survey to them every month to track their progress and any changes that have occurred.