Automated Phone Surveys With Text To Speech

Use A Computer Generated Voice

Using a computer generated voice to ask questions can lend your phone surveys a greater sense of professionalism and unbiased polling. If you don't have a recorded audio file of your questions, then text to speech is the perfect solution for you!

Multilingual Text To Speech

Say greetings and ask questions in different languages to boost your response rates. Text To Speech allows you to send automated phone surveys to different regions that speak a different language than another region.

Male Voice

With text to speech, you can choose different professional male voices with different accents, such as the American accent, Australian accent, or British Accent.

Dynamically Speak CRM Information

If you want your phone survey to greet people by their first name and last name, or any other information stored in your phone database of CRM, you can use text to speech to dynamically speak this information. This information will change for each phone survey that goes out, without you having to change your survey manually.

Female Voice

Use different professional female voices to read aloud your questions. Female accents include American, Australian, and British accents.

Combine Text To Speech With Recorded Audio Files

Want a personal greeting, yet still speak the person's name and other CRM information? You can combine text to speech with your recorded audio files to better tailor your surveys to your recipients.