How can automated phone surveys help your non-profit?
Survey your volunteers
Raise Money

Efficiently plan out and conduct multiple rounds of fundraising by soliciting potential donors and allowing them to press a key to be transferred to a live agent. You can also have interested parties call your phone number to donate. Re-run successful campaigns in a few simple steps, and filter your contact lists to maximize profits.

Increase Public Awareness

Sending out phone surveys is a great way to let the public know about your organization and what your organization does. Easily reach people who have never heard of your non-profit before with automated phone surveys.

Understand Different Demographics

Learn what different demographics think based on age range, gender, region, or any other way you want to categorize your contacts. Understanding public opinion of one of the key steps to running a successful nonprofit. Once you learn what the general public thinks by using automated phone surveys, you'll be able to gear your nonprofit to better serving the public.

Collect Member Information

Want to have all your members' email addresses, home addresses, preferences, and more data? With Voicent's telephone survey software, you can conduct automated phone surveys to run until all members of your organization have answered.

Get Feedback On Your Organization's Impact

Measure your nonprofit's impact by asking the public what they think. In addition, you'll be able to learn what the public finds important and what they are not yet aware about.

How Does It Work?

Have members of volunteers to call in to a number to complete an automated phone survey, or send your survey out with outbound dialing. Raise awareness quickly and generate multiple rounds of fundraising easily with Voicent's automated telephone surveys.