Survey Creation Features

Create and Design Surveys With Ease

Easy Point and Click

With our easy to use user interface, you can build logical, fast, crystal-clear surveys for your recipients. Our set up wizard will guide you step by step from creating your surveys, uploading your contact list, sending out surveys, and analyzing results.

Set Up Call Status Rules

Tell your survey what to do if an answering machine picks up, the line is busy or disconnected, or if the call is picked up by a live human. For answering machines, you can play a separate audio file (or use Text To Speech). You can also specify the amount of retries you want to make if, for example, the answering machine picks up.

Audio Files

Ask questions with voice recording, or have a professional voiceover speak the questions to personalize your call and increase response rates. You can have our system call a certain phone number to record directly, so you or another person don't have to supply a .wav or mp3 file.

Transfer Calls to Agents

If a survey participant responds positively to a certain survey question, you can have their phone call automatically transferred to speak to an agent. This option is great for fundraising, lead generation, and customer service surveys.

Speech Response Questions

Instead of confining answers to a few keypad options, you can have recipients speak their answer into the phone. Voicent software comes with built-in speech recognition, so you can create survey questions such as, "Will you vote in the next election?"

Speak Dynamic Text

Text to speech will read aloud dynamic CRM information during an automated phone call, such as the person's name, region, or any other demographic data you wish to use. Voicent's text to speech also boosts your survey's professionalism and offers a way to conduct unbiased surveys.

Question Branching

Based on a participant's response to a question, automatically skip the next couple questions or direct them to a different set of survey questions with Voicent's automated phone survey branching tool. Create advanced surveys with multiple levels and questions to get the data you need.

Integration and Extensions

Our software works with extensions and integrates with existing websites and custom-developed Java classes, which enables independent developers to extend Voicent IVR solution to meet unique business needs.

Keypad Response Questions

Have survey participants answer surveys with keypad options, such as "Press 1 for yes. Press 3 for no. Press 3 for maybe. Press 4 to speak to an agent." Keypad responses are great for multiple choice questions.

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