Automated Phone Surveys: Scalability

Add More Phone Lines

To make your automated phone surveys go out faster, simply add more phone lines. Having multiple phone lines means you can make simultaneous phone calls and receive simultaneous phone calls.

Decrease Phone Lines

Pace calls by decreasing the number of phone lines. You can choose to use as many phone lines as the number of agents you have, so that call routing from surveys to agents will never exceed your agents' limits.

Multiple Questions

Send as many questions as you like. Voicent does not restrict the number or length of questions you choose to use in phone surveys.

Question Branching

You can use question branching and multi-level automated phone surveys to give separate sets of questions for people who answer your questions in certain ways.

Receive More Inbound Calls

Increase the number of people your business phone system can support by using more phone lines. You'll be able to field thousands of phone calls the same time.

Reach More People In Less Time

If you need survey results immediately, all you have to do is use more phone lines. While most companies will limit you to 20,000 calls per hour, you can surpass that depending on the number of phone lines you want to use.

Call Volume Pacing for Different Surveys

You don't have to get stuck with the same amount of phone lines for every survey campaign. You can set a default and change it for different surveys.