Appointment Reminder

Voicent Auto Reminder Features

Appointment Reminder Features

  • Easy download and setup in 10 minutes
  • Works on any Windows desktop or laptop
  • Supports VoIP SIP, IP PBX systems, and/or analog phone line
  • Touch-tone response for appointment confirmation, cancellation, reschedule, leaving voice messages or live call transfer
  • Distinguish live human pickup, answering machine, voicemail, disconnect, busy line, no line, no answer
  • Automatic retries for busy line or unanswered calls
  • Personalized voice reminder message can be your own recording, system voice messages or computer generated voices
  • Message Designer can personalize each reminder message by combining your voice recording, system voice messages and text-to-speech voices
  • Generate detailed real-time call report
  • Plays different messages for answering machine vs. live human pickup
  • Schedules calls in advance for daily, weekly, and monthly recurring calls
  • Live call transfer to office phone, cell phone or even computer IP soft phone for immediate attention
  • Easy-to-use features and many other appointment scheduling features
  • Support multiligual Text to Speech (computer generated voice)
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Automatic SMS Text Message Reminder with confirmation
  • Automatic Email Reminder with confirmation
  • Password protected access in a multi-user environment
  • Shared appointment database for multiple user accounts and multiple office locations
  • Multi-user, multi-line system for group medical offices and hospital deployment
  • Supports multiple simultaneous reminder calls
  • Unlimited scalability/call capacity using cloud-based technology
  • Color coded scheduler for multiple users or departments
  • Individualized reminder message and display filters
  • Command line interface for program integration (for developers)
  • HTTP/web interface for program integration (for developers)
  • Manage appointments from any networked computer