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Record and Broadcast a Message Using Voicent Auto Dialer

The following steps are involved to record and start a voice broadcast using Voicent BroadcastByPhone Autodialer:

Create call list

To create a call list, click on BroadcastByPhone icon, simply type in names and phone numbers in the spreadsheet window. You can also copy-paste your call list from a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel or use File -> Import option to import an existing database.

Prepare Your Message

Use can use a telephone to record your message. To do so, select Designer > Record Audio By Phone... from the program main menu. Follow the onscreen instructions to record your messages. This method of message recording offers the best sound quality and generally requires no editing effort compared with other recording methods.

Or, use a microphone to record. Use recording software, such as Microsoft Sound Recorder or a shareware program such as Goldwave, to record your message. Save the recording file to a .wav file. The recording file settings must be PCM 8 KHz, 16 Bit, Mono

Or, use Text-to-Speech to generate an audio file. Select from program main menu > Designer > Create Audio By Text-to-Speech. Follow the onscreen instruction to create your audio file. Please note the audio quality will depend on your TTS engine.

Or, use a professional recording studio. Today, this is not necessarily an expensive option. You can search Google for "voice talent." You will find plenty online ( is a good website).

Two important notes:

1) Ask that the audio files be recorded in a .wav file and use the correct settings listed above.

2) Ask that the recording volume be high. Unlike computer speakers, phone volumes tend to be set low.

Convert Audio Format

If you already have an audio file but it is in a different format, you must convert it to the correct format. Many audio programs have ways to convert audio format. If you use Microsoft Sound Recorder, Click on File > Properties. In Format Conversion window, choose Recording Formats then click Convert Now.... In Sound Attributes window, choose 8.000 KHz, 16 Bit, Mono. click OK.

Set Broadcast Options

Broadcast options can be set from the Broadcast main menu > Broadcast Options dialog window. Options include valid broadcast time, maximum retry if a call is failed, and auto save frequency.

You can save the option on a per call list basis or on a per user basis.

Start Broadcast

From the program main menu, select Broadcast > Start/Schedule. Select the recorded audio file by clicking the browse button.

Click the OK button to start