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Rules Engine: Setup Call Distribution Rules

Rules engine is an add-on tool to Call Center Manager. With Rules Engine, for example, you can easily set up flexible rules to route calls to the most appropriate agents based on some criteria, such as campaign, agent skill set, and info related to a specific call.

Click the "Manage" menu and select "Rules Engine", then select "Set Call Transfer Rules". Click the "Add" button to add a new call transfer rule.

The call transfer rule contains two part: one is the specification for calls, and the other is for target agents.

Call Specification

The rules engine gives fine grained control over each phone call. To define a phone call, use campaign keys and call specific keys.

Campaign keys include name, tool, and call message. Call keys include name, phone, message, and any column info in the call list spreadsheet.

These keys are used in a condition (an arithmetic expression) to specific the calls that will be affected by the rule. For example, the condition __Call__.CompanySize > 1000 specifies any call that calls to a customer who works in a company with more than 1000 employees. This condition applies to calls even from the same campaign.

Agent Specification

You can specify target agent based on any criteria you setup for an agent. Please see the next section for more information regarding setting up agent skill set. For example, the condition __Agent__.level > 3 && __Agent__.region == 'west coast' specifies any agent that is in the west coast and has service level greater than 3.

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