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How to set Call Center Drop-Rate Thresholds

Voicent's Call Center Manager can automatically adjust outbound dialing speed to keep your dropped-call rate below a set threshold. This auto-pacing algorithm is based on current drop rate, campaign statistics, and the availability of agents.

Drop Rates

There are two dropped-call rates that Call Center Manager can monitor and manage. One is the dropped-call rate over all calls, which is the number of dropped calls over all outbound calls. The second is is dropped-call rate over answered calls (calls answered by a live, human being, as opposed to unanswered calls or calls answered by an answering machine).

To ignore a particular rate, simply set the rate to -1

Select a host name (the computer that runs Voicent Gateway), select Manager > Set Drop Rate Threshold from the program main menu.

Once set, Call Center Manager will automatically monitor and manage outbound campaigns to keep the dropped-call rates below the set threshold.