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What is a PBX?

A private branch exchange (PBX) is a telephone exchange for a particular business. A PBX system connects incoming telephone lines to a set of extensions inside a business.

What is VOIP or IP PBX?

VOIP PBX or IP is a PBX system that can handle calls on an IP network. It supports outbound connection to a SIP trunk or regular trunk; it also supports IP extensions. Most VOIP services provide regular telephone numbers to allow calls from landline or cell phones. The person who calls these numbers usually cannot tell the difference whether the call is make to a VOIP service or traditional PSTN service.

What is Voicent's Flex PBX?

Flex PBX is an affordable and easy to use auto attendant software system. Because it is a software package, it offers flexible configuration and unlimited design capability. It has all the features of a traditional PBX plus much more.

What is an Auto Attendant?

Also known as a Virtual Receptionist, it allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of a live operator. Typically the Auto Attendant is included in a business phone system.

What is an IVR Menu?

A phone system menu that interacts with humans through the use of voice and DTMF keypad inputs. Auto attendant is a special kind IVR, where the target operation is the transfer of a call to an extension. IVR can be more broadly defined. It can interact with a database to supply requested information such as account balances, etc.

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Professional Pre-recorded Greetings

Boosting the professionalism of your PBX business phone system is easy when you have professional, pre-recorded greetings. Upload these audio files with a single click and start using them in your business PBX system.

Custom Greeting

With Voicent, you'll have complete control over your PBX business phone system, starting with the first greeting that callers hear when they dial your business number.

One-click Upload

Voicent's easy to use Audio File Upload Wizard allows you to upload professional greetings with a click of a button. Upload one or upload many. We don't put a limit on how many greetings you can have.

Rotate Greetings

With the point and click PBX Setup Wizard, it's easy to change and rotate greetings even after you've deployed your PBX business phone system. Simply select different audio files whenever you feel you need to make a change, or setup automatic Auto Attendant rotation.

Call to Record Greetings

Enter any phone number, and our system will make a call to that number with instructions to record a greeting. Send this phone call to a voiceover professional, or send it to yourself to record a greeting in minutes.

Audio File Manager

Manage all your audio files in one place in Voicent's PBX software Upload Audio section. You can rename, delete, and add audio files easily from this manager.

High-quality Audio

To ensure the quality of your recorded audio files, upload .wav files with your greeting in telephony format.

Voicemail Greetings

You can use custom greetings for voicemails and for different extensions. Agents can record their own greetings for callers who want to leave a voicemail, to ensure that callers know which agent they are leaving a message for.

Department Greetings

Departments can have their own custom greetings as long as they have different extensions. Simply setup Auto Attendants for different departments to further organize and structure your business phone system.

Day and Night

Using different Virtual Receptionists to handle incoming calls during the day and during the night helps maintain your professional image and callers who happen to call during off-hours. Callers can leave voicemails that agents will see when they log into the Agent Dashboard™.

Business Hours and Weekend

Your Voicent PBX business phone system will be receiving and routing incoming calls 24 by 7, 365 days a year. It will be working even when you and your agents are not, and can take voicemails and send those voicemails to email.


Creating Virtual Receptionists for different occasions is easy. Simply upload greetings tailored to those occasions to handle incoming calls on holidays.

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Professional Pre-recorded Greetings