Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer Features

Predictive Dialer: Agent Dashboard™ Features

Automatic CRM Information Pop Up

Automatically displays your caller's information on your Agent's Dashboard™ when live calls are connected to agents.

Caller History

Your agents will be able to see the caller's location, buying preferences, sales activity, purchasing history and other customizable info.


An agent can work anywhere from any PC as long as there is internet connection.

Call Recording

You can record calls by agent or have recording by campaign.

Call transfer & conference

On the Agent Dashboard™, calls can be answered, transferred, or put on hold with music. Agents can also have conference calls.

Easy CRM Access

Agents can access your CRM from the Agent Dashboard in an easy to use Voicent interface.

Generate Reports

Agents and managers can generate reports with the click of a button in the Agent Dashboard™ Reports tab.

Dynamic Call Script Auto Popup

When a live call connects, a popup screen with a dynamic call script can automatically display what to say and how to respond to callers.

Dial Out

Make click-to-call phone calls through the Agent Dashboard™

Receive Calls

Incoming calls can be picked up by your company's PBX and forwarded to agents through the Agent Dashboard™

Answer Calls with Headset

Agents can pick up calls and talk on a computer with a usb headset.

Play Audio Files

Agents can play audio files during their calls to save energy with repetitive questions and information.

3 Lines Per Agent

Each agent gets 3 phone lines for outbound predictive dialing and incoming call handling.

Open Agent Licenses

Voicent features floating agent licenses, allowing one agent to log out and an entirely different agent to log in with the same license.