Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer Features

Predictive Dialer: Campaign Features

Easy to Use

The easy to use campaign wizard helps you step-by-step to create your campaign.


Voicent predictive dialer software allows you to choose how many phone lines you want to use during your campaign to match the number of agents you have.

Manage From Any Device

Control your campaign from your smart phone, and check campaign summary report and call details.

Set Call Disposition Rules

With call disposition rules, you can specify how many times to retry busy lines and answering machines.

Campaign Controls

Easy campaign start and stop, pause, restart, and rerun with a single button click.

Assign Agents to skill-based call

With predictive dialing, you can assign agents to calls based on their skills or other demographic information.

Assign Agents to role-based campaigns

You can assign certain agents to certain campaigns based on their roles.

Automatic Time Zone Management

Automatically stop campaigns at a set time with time zone management.

Multiple Simultaneous Campaigns

Run multiple campaigns simultaneously, each with its own message, campaign options, call list, and transfer agents.

Connect to Phone

Connect calls to any office phone or cell phone.

Connect to PC

Transfer calls to Voicent Agent Dashboard™, a unified desktop tool for CRM screen pop, conference call, and blended calling queue management.

Connect to PBX

Connect to your corporate PBX system or any VOIP service providers using our on premise software.

Unlimited agents & voip channels

You can add as many agents and VOIP channels you like to boost your dialing speed. Each agent gets 3 phone lines for on premise software.

Campaign Access

Agent can access multiple simultaneous campaigns