Voicent Gateway User Setup Guide

Voicent Gateway is an open-standard based, advanced server software product that links telephones with computers. The system makes it possible to develop interactive telephone applications rapidly. Voicent Gateway supports VoiceXML, an open standard adopted by the W3C organization. This open standard is a high level interface for developing interactive telephony applications. VoiceXML based applications can utilize a gateway to make the actual phone calls and do not need to deal with lower level telephone programming. Both inbound and outbound calls are supported. Test-to-speech and speech recognition capabilities are part of the built-in gateway features.

Systems with similar capabilities normally require expensive telephony hardware to run. Voicent Gateway, on the other hand, only requires a voice modem. Voicent Gateway is also capable of supporting multiple phone lines by putting multiple modems into a computer. Since Voicent has implemented many telephony hardware features into Voicent software, for most applications, there is no advantage of using expensive telephony hardware.

This help document describes the basic usage and configuration of Voicent Gateway. For developer information, such as VoiceXML programming, gateway programming interface samples and references, client libraries, please visit Voicent Developer Network.


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Create Audio File Using Text-to-Speech


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