Customize Appointments

To customize the default settings for new appointments, go to "Appointment" -> "Customize Appointment..." which will open this window:

Here in the "General" tab you can choose the default or initial settings for newly created appointments. For example, if the "Default Duration" is set to 15 minutes, then whenever you create a new appointment the interval between the initial start time and end time will be 15 minutes. You can change the default settings here or simply choose different start and end times whenever you create a new appointment if you want a different duration for any appointments.

Voice Reminder Tab

In the "Voice Reminder" tab you can customize the default settings for phone reminders of appointments. If you check-mark the "Use Telephone Reminder Call" box then all newly created appointments will set a telephone reminder as the default. You can also set a "Default Message", max amount of retries, and when the "Default Reminder Call Time" is.

Text Reminder Tab

The "Text Reminder" tab is largely the same as the "Voice Reminder" tab excluding the option for retries. Also note that Message Designer designed messages do not cross over between phone, text, and email messages.

Email Reminder Tab

The "Email Reminder" tab is also very similar to the other voice and text reminder tabs. For the "Email Reminder" tab the unique aspect is setting a default address to send emails from and optionally setting a default subject line. In order to use email reminders for your appointments you'll want to click on "Email Server..." to open the following window:

In the "Server:" field enter the information for your chosen email service. In the image above we are using gmail. In the "User:" and "Password:" fields enter the user name and password of the email service you intend to use as your outgoing email server, such as your gmail account.

Search Appointments

To search through existing appointments go to "Appointment" -> "Search Appointment..." from the main menu. Alternatively, you can simply press "F3" in the calendar view to bring up the window for searching through your appointments.

Here you can search by name and/or phone number. Additionally, you can search by who the appointment is with if you have multiple users utilizing Auto Reminder, which requires a multi-user Enterprise Edition license.