Changing Voicent Gateway Hosts

In this section we will discuss changing the Voicent Gateway hosts in Voicent software. This allows you to change which Voicent Gateway your client connects to. You are required to know the WAN or LAN IP address of the Voicent Gateway you are trying to connect to.

  • Changing BroadcastByPhone's Gateway Host

Finding your LAN IP Address on your Voicent Gateway

Open your Voicent Gateway. It is located in the bottom right of your windows task bar. The image below shows the default location of your Voicent Gateway.

Double click the Voicent Gateway icon to open the Voicent Gateway. Once opened you will see your LAN IP address circled in red in the image below.

Changing BroadcastByPhone's Gateway Host

Open BroadcastByPhone, from the program's main menu select Broadcast then Voicent Gateway Hosts.... The default entry will be "localhost" which means your BroadcastByPhone will attempt to connect to the same computer's Voicent Gateway. You can delete this entry and add a new entry to remotely connect to a network LAN or WAN computer. Firewall port 8155 will need to be opened in order to facilitate this connection.