Setup IVR

Automated Answers for Frequently Asked Questions

The longer your company is in business the more likely it becomes that your support agents will hear the same or similar questions asked time and again. Setting up an inbound IVR system that can help direct your customers to the areas of your company that can help them or answer common questions for customers can save your support staff valuable time they can spend on more complex issues.

Agent and Call Group Routing

With or without a phone menu an IVR system can route specific customers to the agents or people who can best help them. If there are customers in need of support, they can be automatically directed to your support staff. Or if there is a large lead who has been talking to one particular agent, that lead can be routed to that agent every time they contact your company without any extra action on the lead's part. This automated routing ensures that your customers and leads are directed to the people they need to talk to without worrying about an uninformed agent picking up the wrong call or an unqualified support agent trying to take on a complex issue. IVR routing gives you full control on how customers and agents interact with each other, giving your company the tools they need to get more leads and close more sales.