IVR Tutorial Lesson 2: Update Variable

The variable password_count is used to keep track of the number of password attempts. As we can see from the call flow diagram, the Get Password element is where the password is collected. If the password entered is incorrect, the jump element Password Incorrect sets the active element back to the Get Password element. So every time the Get Password element is activated, we can increment the variable password_count.

Set Variable Value

The set variable value action is used to update a variable value. An action is a set of activities the system carries out for an IVR application.

To update the variable value, right click the Get Password element, select Properties, then choose the Action tab. Click the New button. From the Choose Action Type window, select the Set Variable Value button. Click OK.

From the Action -> Set Variable Value window, select the variable password_count and input into the text field: password_count + 1.

Actions are executed first when an element is activated. For this action, it increments the password_count value to keep track of the number of password attempts.