Clean, Exclude, and Sort List

List management features include the following:

  • Sort list by name, phone number, or call status
  • Clean list by removing rows with duplicate numbers, or failed call status
  • Exclude phone numbers by comparing your spreadsheet against an exclusion file
  • Generate a call list using a given telephone prefix
  • Set call list size

To access these list management features, simply select the "List" tab from the main program window.

Sort Call List

Select "List" -> "Sort..." from the main menu, you should get this dialogue.

Choose "Name", "Phone Number", "Confirmation Status", or "Call Status" for sorting in either ascending order or descending order.

This feature is useful in multiple ways. For example, if you want to call everyone on your call list that your previous broadcasting failed to reach, you can sort your broadcast file by call status. Select all the rows with "failed" in the status column and then press the "Delete" key. Save the call list file and start another broadcast. The program will only call the phone numbers in the rows without anything written in the status column.

Clean Call List

You can clean up your call list by removing rows with duplicate phone numbers, failed call status, or empty phone numbers. Just select "List" -> "Clean..." from the main menu.

Phone list exclusion

You can run an exclusion check against a phone list file. Select "List" -> "Exclude List..." from the program main menu. In the pop-up window, select the exclusion file by clicking the "browse" button. Click "OK".

The exclusion file should contain a list of telephone numbers. The program removes any row with its phone number that appears in the chosen exclusion file. Each number should be in a separate line.

For example, your call list file could look like this: