New Contact

To make use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) through Dashboard you can start by clicking on the "New" contact button.

Call, Text, or Email

In this window you can fill out the different fields as you like. In addition to making phone calls you can also send out emails or SMS (text) messages through this contact form. Please note that in order to send text messages you must have BroadcastBySMS installed and a modem set up to send text messages through Voicent software.

Setup Email

To make use of email from this window, you can go to "Setup" -> "Email Setup" After setting this up Dashboard will automatically go to the "new email form" of your chosen email client with the address from the Dashboard email field already written in.

Find Contact

You can also search through existing contacts in Dashboard. Simply click on the "Find" button.

In the resulting window, you can fill out the various fields in order to find a specific customer or find a type of customer.

In addition to displaying the results of your search you can double-click on any record to bring up that customer's information where you can edit the record as necessary. While on a customer's information page you can access the particular record's "Call History & Notes..." where you can edit or delete previous call information.

Video link: Dashboard - Using CRM