Call Disposition Rules

When running a Predictive Dialing or Voice Broadcast Campaign you will have the option to set "Call Disposition Rules..."

Call disposition rules allow you to auto-disposition callees based on an agent's notes or the status of the call. The image above contains a few examples, such as if a call fails for any reason you can have the campaign automatically retry the call some number of times, such as two in our example. You can also auto-disposition a made call by using an agent's notes, such as noting the callee is "interested" or a "lead", to automatically label the callee as such in the CRM record. Click "Add..." to create a call disposition rule.

The top half of this window deals with the initial status of the call and bottom half describes the action taken when a call meets the chosen requirement. In addition to the examples listed above, you can customize what to find in the call notes to trigger a certain disposition, retry calling the number again depending the reason for why the call failed, and more. If you want to have a variety of CRM fields to use in the "Set the following Voicent CRM field:" menu, simply create some categories in your CRM before starting the campaign. See this page for more information on creating custom fields: Setup Custom Fields