Call Center Manager Rules Engine

The Call Center Manager(CCM) Rules Engine is a new tool created by Voicent Communications. This new feature gives you a lot more control over your campaigns, agents, and lines used. Some uses include:

  1. Use specific agents based on the type of campaign.
  2. Use specific agents based on the type of lead.
  3. Use specific agents based on a column value.
  4. Use specific lines based on campaign, lead, or column value.
  5. CCM Rules Engine Keys

Below are some types of keys within the CCM Rules Engine that will allow you full control of your lines used and agents. The rules in the CCM are prioritized from the top first to the bottom last. Conflicting rules are treated as an 'OR'. To prevent conflicting rules try to combine as many rules as possible into the same Call/Line specs.

Campaign Keys

  • __Camp__.Name : The name of the call list
  • __Camp__.Tool : The name of the software: BroadcastByPhone, AgentDialer, AutoReminder, etc.
  • __Camp__.Message : The name of the Message ID or the name of the IVR app

Call Keys

  • __Call__.Name : The name of the name cell
  • __Call__.Phone
  • __Call__.IsSms
  • __Call__.IsVoice
  • __Call__.column_name : where column_name is any column name in the spreadsheet
  • __Call__.msgid : (AutoReminder specific) reminder message ID
  • __Call__.user : (AutoReminder specific) the current calendar user for the call

Line Keys

  • __Line__.Number : 1-based line number

Agent Keys

  • __Agent__.Name
  • __Agent__.custom_field: where custom_field is any manager defined agent field, such as 'skill level' etc. Please also note that any space in the name of the custom field needs to be replaced with an underscore. For example, "skill level" should be entered here as __Agent__.skill_level.


    Usable Operators: +, -, *, /, < , <=, ==, !=, >, >=, &&, ||, !


Below are some rough examples of what you might want to use the CCM Rules Engine for. To add rules, launch Call Center Manager, go to "Manage" tab, then select "Set Line Usage Rules" or "Set Call Transfer Rules".

BroadcastByPhone Example

BroadcastByPhone (BBP) uses an IVR Studio message. If IVR is licensed for x number of lines, the app/message will only be deployed in the first x lines. So for BBP to use this message, it is better to limit the line usage to the first x lines. The example below will make sure BroadcastByPhone only uses lines less than or equal to 10 if the message selected is 'sampleid'. If your message has a different name it will not use any rules and it will use any available line.

Name: limit BBP lines
Call Spec: __Camp__.Message == 'sampleid'
Line Spec: __Line__.Number < = 10

Name: BBP Example
Call Spec: __Call__.Important == 'Yes'
Line Spec: __Line__.Number == 1

In the below example, the CCM Rules are set to search a BBP column named 'Important' and if that column's value is 'Yes' it will set the line to only use line 1. If the column's value is 'No' it will use any available line because we have no rules set for the scenario 'No'.

Maybe you want BroadcastByPhone to only use line 1. Here is what that would look like:

Name: BBP Line 1
Call Spec: __Camp__.Tool == 'BroadcastByPhone'
Line Spec: __Line__.Number == 1

AgentDialer Example

AgentDialer call list contains a column named "state", which can contain 'customer', 'prospect', and an empty string for unknown. In this example, for all customers: transfer customers to agent John, transfer prospects to agent Mary and all others to Mary as well.

Name: Transfer customer to john
Call Spec: __Call__.state == 'Customer'
Agent Spec: __Agent__.Name == 'john'

Name: Transfer prospect to mary
Call Spec: __Call__.state == 'prospect' || __Call.state == ''
Agent Spec: __Agent__.Name == 'mary'

IVR Studio BroadcastByPhone Example

The CCM Rules Engine allows you to control your channels/lines based on what the name of the IVR Studio's application is or what the Message ID is. Below, BroadcastByPhone is using an IVR Studio created message named 'BBPIVRAPP'. If your IVR Studio is only licensed for 1 line, then you can only force it to use line 1 even if BroadcastByPhone has more lines licensed to it.

Name: Limit IVRBBP Lines
Call Spec: __Camp__.Message == 'BBPIVRAPP'
Line Spec: __Line__.Number == 1