Problems with Tradtional CRM

Too Difficult to Set Up (and Use)

This is because some traditional CRM implementation requires hardware and software installation, followed by a long period of customization for the requirements of a particular customer. Or some CRM software solutions require customization which can only be done by a developer. Additionally, once a CRM is installed and setup there is still a training period for its users and agents, as traditional CRM is not very straight-forward to use. And when something is difficult is to use it becomes difficult to convince your employees to use it.

Too Much Manual Labor

With traditional CRM, agents and users have to manually enter in all the information they have and receive about their prospects. This wastes valuable time as instead of working on the next lead or call, agents instead have to keep careful, personal track of their leads and customers. This can get too complex to handle very quickly when agents have multiple leads to follow up with but have trouble sharing information or spend time bringing other agents up to date instead of making sales for your company.