Setup Call Transfer

With Voicent Auto Reminder Professional Edition, you can set up call transfer. With call transfer, the system can prompt the person receiving the call to press 0 to talk to a live agent.

The system supports two call transfer modes:

  1. Call transfer to a different phone number
  2. Screen popup (call transfer to computer audio)
Invoke Call Transfer Dialogue

Call transfer settings can be modified from the "Call Transfer" tab from Voicent Gateway, which can be opened by clicking on its icon in the Windows Taskbar.

The main Voicent Gateway window is shown below:

Voicent Gateway is the actual program making telephone calls. Voicent Auto Reminder is an application of Voicent Gateway.
Transfer to a Phone Number

Select "Setup" -> "Options..." from Voicent Gateway's main menu. Click on the "Call Transfer" tab. Enter the phone number for the call transfer. Please note, you must enter the country code (based on your VOIP service. For example Skype uses 1 for US and Canada) for the phone number.

Transfer using Screen Popup

Similar to the above instructions, select "Setup" -> "Options..." from Voicent Gateway's main menu. Click on the "Call Transfer" tab and select the "Transfer to an agent's computer with screen popup" option. You can click on "Screen Popup..." for more popup options.

Set Call Transfer Item

You need to design your message to utilize Call Transfer. Please see Collect Confirmation and Feedback in the Message Designer page for details. Choose "Call transfer" as your confirmation item action.