Agent Dialer Overview

Voicent's Agent Dialer is a predictive dialer that uses your computer to deliver personal calls or leave answering machine messages with the option of using your own voice or using a computer-generated text-to-speech voice. Predictive dialing can be used to skip busy lines, no answer lines, and disconnected lines allowing you to make better use of your agents.

Agent Dialer contains the following features:

  • Broadcast pre-recorded/pre-designed messages
  • Transfer live-calls to your agents while mass broadcasting. Using Agent Dialer's predictive dialing mode will increase the efficiency of your agents by automatically filtering out unproductive calls and only involving your agents when a live human is on the line.
  • In predictive dialing mode, you can simply skip answering machine pick-ups or leave a message of your choosing
  • Utilizes an Excel-like interface to easily organize your customers' information