Chapter 3: Qualify Leads

The Problem

At the beginning of your process the main problem at this stage is the quality of the leads and the amount of records to sift through to find the qualified leads. The main issues are:

Inaccurate Records

The Solution: After importing your list of contacts it's quite likely that some information within those records will be incorrect or even unusable such as a bad phone number or incorrect email. A significant part of qualifying leads is to test phone numbers/emails to ensure that the record is real and correct. This saves time as instead of having your agents dial numbers that turn out to be disconnected or unanswered, you can have Voicent Live automatically dial these numbers or send emails to ensure they are real first.

Time Investment

The Solution: With Voicent Live you not only have hosted CRM, but several dialer and email tools automatically integrated. With Voicent Live's auto dialer your agents don't have to manually dial each number from your CRM. Instead the campaign can be totally automated to the point where Voicent Live can track bounced email addresses and bad phone numbers for you.