IVR Tutorial Lesson 2 Overview: Variables

The first 3 steps of the sample application are listed below:

  1. The sample IVR application answers a call
  2. Plays a welcome message, asking the caller to enter a password
  3. If the password is incorrect, go back to step 2. If the caller has tried more than 3 times, log the caller ID and hang up the call

Lesson 1 implemented the first half of step 3. This lesson will finish step 3.

Video: Use Variables


A variable is a symbolic representation of a quantity or expression. In this program, a variable is used to keep track of the number of password attempts. The quantity of a variable is usually called the value of a variable. The value of a variable will often change during the execution of an IVR application. In IVR Studio, a variable is presented as ${name}.

This lesson covers the following topics: