Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Tutorial Overview: IVR Studio Components

IVR Studio consists of two components: IVR Studio GUI (graphical user interface) and Voicent Gateway. The GUI component is used to design IVR applications. Voicent Gateway is the component that handles telephone interactions.

IVR Studio GUI

IVR Studio can be opened from either the Windows Desktop or from the Windows Start menu. Simply click the following IVR Studio icon to access the GUI component.

Voicent Gateway

Voicent Gateway is the component that handles phone interactions based on IVR applications. Gateway is automatically installed when you install Voicent software.

Except for a few available option settings, Gateway operates in the background most of the time. It runs as a Windows service, which automatically starts when Windows starts.

Voicent Gateway can be used for both incoming and outgoing calls. Standard, Professional, and Enterprise editions of IVR Studio include an inbound gateway license.

If you are a developer and would like to develop your own interactive voice applications using Voicent Gateway, please take a look at the Voicent Developer Network.