Generate Call List

You can generate a call list from a given prefix, such as an area code.

As an example, you could use this feature to generate a call list that utilizes all of the extensions within your company. With this call list, you can easily call everyone in your company in a very short amount of time.

To do so, select "List" -> "Generate List..." from the program main window.

The generated list is based on the prefix and range specified in the dialogue window.

For example, if you want to generate all numbers in the format of (805)333-4****, you can specify "8053334" as a prefix, and "000" through "999" as the range.

The program will generate a call list:

805 333 4000
805 333 4001
805 333 4002
805 333 4999

These numbers will be automatically appended to the existing broadcasting file.

You can also choose to generate random numbers using your chosen prefix and range of numbers along with how many of these phone numbers the program will generate.