Running the Predictive Dialer Campaign

Selecting Your Best Leads

Using Voicent Live's advanced search options you can create a call list that has already been refined to your very best leads. The predictive dialer can be set to transfer live-answers to only your best agents as well, or any agents you prefer. If the dialer hits an answering machine, it can simply be skipped or a recording can automatically be played. Either way, your agents won't have to deal with unproductive calls as they work through your warm leads and close as many sales as possible.

Salesforce Management

As your agents work their way through the predictive campaign your managers will be able to see easy-to-understand live reports on the results of your campaign. Managers can also "whisper-coach" your agents, that is talk exclusively to your agents while they are on the phone with a live customer, as they try to close deals for your company. At any time, campaign reports can be sorted and compared to previous campaigns, giving your managers the best possible view of how your company is doing and the relative effectiveness of your campaigns.

Closing the sale isn't the end of a company's sales process. As your company sells products/services not only do you need to make the initial sale but you will need to retain those customers. Providing after-sale value to your customers leaves open the possibility they will return to your company for future purchases or recommend your company to other people, possibly opening up new avenues for your company to explore.