Setup Call Transfer Options

There are two types of call transfers:

  1. blind transfer
  2. queued transfer

A blind transfer attempts a transfer regardless whether the target is busy or not. While a queued transfer attempts a transfer only when the target is not busy and puts the call on hold (in a queue) if the target is busy. To enable queued transfer, check the box labeled "Use queued transfer" near the bottom of the "Transfer Option" window.

Music on hold

To play music while a caller is on hold or put into a waiting queue, type in the location of an audio file in the box for music on hold as shown below. The on hold music only plays when a call is currently in a waiting queue. If the target is not busy and a call is transferred immediately, the music is not played. If the target becomes available before the music is fully played, the music will be interrupted. If the target is still busy after the music is played, it will be played until the call is answered.

Play additional prompt

To play messages before a call transfer, type in the location of an audio file or click on the "..." button to browse for an audio file. Alternatively, you can type in a message in the "Text to Speech" box to play a prompt vocalized by an automated voice. For example, the message defined in music on hold for queued transfer might not be played at all as mentioned in the previous section. To make sure something is always played, specify an audio file or text in the "Text to Speech" voice in the box shown above.