IVR Tutorial Lesson 6: Test Lesson 6

After you modify and save the runvcast.bat file under folder C:\Call List, you can test both the inbound IVR application and outbound IVR application.

Test Lesson 6

The following is a typical session:

  • Caller: call in
  • IVR: answer the call
  • IVR: "Welcome to my broadcast service. Please enter your password followed by the pound key"
  • Caller: 123#
  • IVR: "Please record your message after the beep. When you are finished with the recording, press the pound key"
  • Caller: "this is a test recording..." (#)
  • IVR: "this is a test recording..." (play recorded caller message)
  • IVR: "Press 1 to continue and press 2 to record again"
  • Caller: 1
  • IVR: disconnect call
  • BroadcastByPhone client program is launched
  • BroadcastByPhone: start broadcast on a remote outbound call computer

What's going on behind the scenes

The first few steps are skipped. They are the same as in lesson 5.

  • Caller: 1
    -Message OK element is active. The first action (HTTP action) is executed. It takes the recorded audio file and uploaded it to the remote Voicent Gateway. The upload operation is set to overwrite the audio file referred in the outbound IVR application (the deployed recorded_message.wav file). Depending on your host settings in the URL, this file will be submitted to the remote computer or to the local computer.
    -The run program action is launched, which in turn executes the C:\Call List\runvcast.bat in the background. Since Wait for finish is not specified for the action, the application continues.
  • IVR: disconnect call
    -No more transition. The inbound IVR application is finished.
  • BroadcastByPhone client is launched
    -The runvcast.bat file launches the BroadcastByPhone program.
  • BroadcastByPhone: start broadcast on a remote outbound call computer
    -According to the command line options specified in the runvcast.bat file, the correct call list file C:\Call List\mylist.voc is opened. Since the call list file has selected its broadcast message already, the outbound IVR application lesson5_msg will be used for the outbound phone calls. If the broadcast host is set to a remote computer, the calls will be made from that remote computer.

The application

The inbound application:IVR_Tutorial_Step_6.zip
The outbound application (Same as in lesson 5): IVR_Tutorial_Step_5_BBP.zip