Dashboard Overview

Voicent Dashboard is unified agent desktop software that puts the customer at the center of all interactions whether it's phone, text message, email, or social media. By providing customer information accurately and integrating with business processes seamlessly, Voicent Dashboard enables agents to deliver superior customer experiences for your organization.

This software is an integral part of Voicent's software suite and is usually the only product needs to be installed on an agent's computer.

Dashboard contains the following features:

  • Automatically integrates with other Voicent software
  • Easily transfer calls from other programs to Dashboard
  • Schedule call back times
  • Quickly input notes about customers on the line
  • Easy opt-out handling
  • Give your customers disposition labels to efficiently inform other agents of potential leads
  • Automatic call queuing
  • Play a prerecorded message during a phone call
  • Browser access from Dashboard
  • Integrates with CRM
  • View and listen to voicemail
  • Forward calls to another phone line