Nurture Leads

Engaging Customers

After qualifying your leads, your company will need to stay engaged with your contacts to continue the process of transforming unqualified leads to closed sales. Multiple points of contact is typically necessary to close deals with your leads.

Maintaining Permission

While running additional campaigns for contacts who didn't answer, you can run automated mass email campaigns to keep customers engaged and your company/products in your leads' minds. The most important aspect of this stage is to maintain permission to stay in contact with your prospects. If your leads decide to opt-out or unsubscribe from your communication, then you have lost that lead.

Consistent Contact

A part of maintaining that permission is consistent engagement with your leads. If your company promises to call within 24 hours, you need to ensure that you do so. Voicent Live offers reminder notices to your agents making sure you don't lose leads because of carelessness.

Providing Value for Prospective Customers

When contacting customers, agents need to do more than just attempt to sell your product. Your company needs to provide value to prospects, which is vital to nurturing leads. Consumers are accustomed to agents trying to sell them product but providing value in the form of information they can use even if they don't choose to do business with you will help improve your relations with current and future customers. This typically would include information such as white papers or ebooks. The more value you provide for prospects, the better your chances of your prospects coming back to your company for future deals.