Predictive Dialing Options

To change the settings for all predictive dialing campaigns you will need to modify "Default Options..." Or if you only want the changes to apply to your current campaign you will need to modify "Specific to This Campaign" settings. These options are found within "Predictive Dialing Options" from the "Predictive" tab.

In this window, you will be able to set:

  • Valid Broadcast Time
  • Auto Save Rule
  • Call Failed Retries
  • Campaign Status Content
  • Alternate Phone Rule
  • Invoking Script After Each Call
Setting Valid Broadcast Time

This setting allows you to control which hours automatic calls will be made by the predictive dialer. Simply choose which hours you want predictive dialing to start and end. If you want to allow it to run during any time of day just set the two time settings ("From" and "to") to the exact same time.

Setting Auto Save Rule

In a large call list you may not think of saving your call list file after you set it to run. This setting will determine the number of phone calls that needs to be made before it auto saves to another file within the same directory. For example, if your file is "call-list.voc", it will create another file called "call-list_auto_backup.voc". If you want to turn off auto save, just set the value to 0.

Setting Number of Call Failed Retries

While using automatic calling there will be some cases where you want the program to retry a call to a phone number that failed to connect. This setting will determine the amount of times Agent Dialer will attempt to call phone numbers that was marked as failed in the initial attempt. Please note that Agent Dialer will attempt to redial the phone numbers marked as failed only after the dialer has reached the end of the call list, NOT right after the call is marked as failed.

Setting Status Format

Checking these boxes will allow you to see more information about the calls that have been made.

Setting Alternative Phone Rule

To set the conditions for the dialer to call an alternate number, click on the "Alternate Phone" button. Alternate number settings needs to be specified before using this feature. To learn how to add an "alternate number" column, click here

Check the list of conditions that you wish for the dialer to use while calling the alternate number that you specified in the "alternate phone" column.


Invoking Script After Each Call

Utilizing script will be discussed within the Enterprise edition category as you will need an Enterprise license to use this feature.