Close The Sale

The Main Problem

Having gone through qualifying and nurturing lead stages of your company's sales process, your agents now need to close the sale on your company's best leads. The problem for your agents is they now need to quickly follow-up with those leads with easy access to all the information your company has currently compiled on those leads. To have the best chance of closing those deals, your agents will need a convenient way to call all of those prospects and have easy access to the individual records of those prospects they are closing the sales with.

The Solution

Productivity tools, such as Voicent Live's predictive dialer and agent dashboard solves these problems easily. The predictive dialer tool can be used to only call the strongest leads. It will automatically filter out answering machines and disconnected numbers, enabling your agents to only speak to live answers, maximizing your agents' efficiency.

The agents can make use of agent dashboard to actually take those calls. It automatically pops up the relevant record for the prospect being called, giving your agents the information they need to turn those leads into satisfied customers.