Setup PBX Extensions

VOIP Extension or Physical Extension

You can setup a VOIP extension or a physical extension. A VOIP extension is a soft phone running on a computer and a physical extension is a regular landline or cell phone. For a VOIP extension, select "Add..." -> "Use Voicent Dashboard Software" from the "Extensions" tab.

It is strongly recommended to use Voicent Dashboard to setup a VOIP extension. By using the Dashboard program the person at the extension has better control over incoming calls such as displaying calls in the waiting queue, holding a call, parking a call, and answering a parked call. The Dashboard program can further direct the incoming call to a regular telephone, such as a cell phone, a Skype instance, or to a computer speaker and microphone.

It's recommended to only select "Use Telephone" when a computer is not available for running the Dashboard program. The telephone number needs to be an 11 digit number for US and Canadian phone numbers.