Running Multiple Campaigns

In Enterprise Edition, you can run multiple campaigns at the same time. Simply open Voicent software multiple times, as many times as is desired. This will result in multiple windows where you can start any number of different campaigns.

Since you will have a limited amount of lines that you are able to use, you will need to remember to split the lines that you will use for each campaign. Click here to understand how to limit the number of lines for each campaign.

Specify Agents for Call Transfer

Leaving this field blank will, by default, transfer to any and all agents that are connected to the Voicent Gateway. If you want to transfer a call to a specific agent, you would need to follow this format in the text field:

  • extgp:. For example = extgp:Sales,extgp:Support
  • ext:. For example = ext:800,ext:814
  • Phone number(with country code). For example = 14084565575,17688884987
  • agent: For example = agent:jcarthy,agent:bwillie

Note: You can combine these things together. For example: extgp:Sales,ext:800,14084565575,agent:jcarthy
This is case sensitive. For example if you use "Agent" instead of "agent", it will NOT work!