Call Center Manager Overview

Voicent's Call Center Manager for measuring and managing call centers. Call Center Manager is used to monitor agent performance, such as enabling call monitoring and recording to accurate measure your agents' performance. This program will also help you automatically comply with Federal telemarketing rules about call drop thresholds that will help ensure you avoid costly fines.

Call Center Manager contains the following features:

  • Automatically integrates with other Voicent software such as BroadcastByPhone, Agent Dialer, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) programs
  • Manage your agents. Setup what your agents see as they answer calls and their ability to see or edit information.
  • "Whisper Coaching" capability enables live-call agent coaching. Only your agent will be able to hear you coach him or her while still being able to hear the agent and your customer.
  • Phone line usage monitoring
  • Rules engine tool that allows you to customize which agents are used on which campaign, lead, or other filters.