IVR Tutorial Lesson 5: Overview

One advantage of using Voicent IVR Studio is that it is fully integrated with Voicent's BroadcastByPhone autodialer. You design an IVR application in the same way for BroadcastByPhone as for inbound calls. Furthermore, you can utilize BroadcastByPhone special features, such as column data in your IVR application.

Video: Outbound IVR App Design
Video: Design For BroadcastByPhone: Multiple Language Support
Video: Design For BroadcastByPhone: Multiple Question Support

The Sample

This IVR application is the same as the one in lesson 4, except the outbound message changes a little. In lesson 4, the outbound message is a recorded voice message. In this lesson, if the number is a home number, the application first plays a greeting like: "Hi, this message is for <name>" and then plays the recorded audio file. If the called number is a cell phone number, it just plays the recorded audio file.

Outbound Message

The outbound IVR application for this lesson is simple. We will focus on the features that are only available with BroadcastByPhone.

Here, we assume the phone number type is provided by the BroadcastByPhone spreadsheet. A sample spreadsheet:

The rest of this lesson covers: