IVR Tutorial Lesson 3: Listen to Recorded Message

A record element sets the system to record a voice message to an audio file. Here we will play back the recorded message to the caller. After playing the message, the system will ask the caller to press 1 to continue or press 2 to record again.

Play the Recorded Message

Select Listen to Message element, select Properties, and then click the Prompt tab. Click the New button to add a new prompt item.

Select the radio button labeled Variable, then choose __VG__LAST_RESULT__ from the drop down list. Select the variable type "Audio File".

__VG__LAST_RESULT__ is a system variable, it holds the value of the last caller interaction. For example, if the caller presses 2, then the value of __VG__LAST_RESULT__ is 2. If the caller recorded a voice message, the value is the recorded audio file name.

Here Record Message element records a voice message from the caller, the result is then saved in the system variable __VG__LAST_RESULT__. When Listen to Message element is active the prompt item, which refers to the recorded message, is played.

Add Prompt for Menu Choice

Click the New button again to add a prompt item for the menu choice. Here we add a TTS item with the following text: Please press 1 to continue and press 2 to record again. The finished prompt list is shown below.

The first prompt item is the recorded message; and the second item is a text-to-speech item prompt the caller to enter 1 or 2. All prompt items are played in the same order as defined in the Prompt property of an element.