Retain Customers

The Main Problem

Closing the deal isn't the end of the sales process. Solid and timely customer service will be needed. This can be a major time investment for companies, particularly if the product is complex or difficult to use. Spending valuable time on helping customers use the product as opposed to making more sales can be revenue drain. At the same time, these customers can't be ignored as their experience can influence future purchasers' decisions on which company to use for their needs.

The Solution

Better automation and customer self-service options. Empowering customers to help themselves saves both their time and your company time. Instead of going back and forth trying to figure out the problem smart, automated self service can help customers diagnose their issue on their own and resolve it. Intelligent escalation within self service will push the customers who need extra help to your company's support staff while those with simpler problems can quickly find resolutions to their issues.