Workflow Management System Overview

With release 9.1.0 it is now possible to create a workflow management system from within Voicent's IVR Studio. Implementing a workflow solution will enable Voicent users to automate the process of following up with customers through email, text, and automatically scheduled callbacks. It's also possible to send reminders to your own company's personnel. For example, if a customer signs up online for a meeting or webinar this can trigger the workflow system, which will then automate the process of scheduling and reminding agents to call customers or to send out notices of when a webinar is to take place. Another example we have is automatically emailing offers to newly entered customers in the CRM. If the customer clicks on the link in the email, then the workflow can schedule a callback to the customer with an agent that specializes in the offered product.

  • Automatically send follow-up texts and emails to customers as well as schedule callbacks for agents
  • Integrate with a website and automate follow-up communication between the customer and your company
  • Already integrated with other Voicent programs, such as Voicent Gateway, Call Center Manager, Dashboard and CRM
  • Customize the timing and content of the messages the system sends out to your customers