Introduction to Dynamic Campaigns

With release 9.1.0 Voicent's Call Center CRM will feature the ability to start and manage dynamic campaigns from within the Call Center CRM window. Running a dynamic campaign (as opposed to a static campaign) allows users to run a campaign indefinitely. If a lead is added to your database that fits the criteria for an active dynamic campaign, then that lead will be automatically added to that campaign. Even if a dynamic campaign has already called/texted/emailed all off the contacts in the campaign, it will still be considered active. This means that the campaign will be on hold but when more contacts are added to the campaign, it will automatically resume the relevant broadcast.

Key features:

  • Run multiple campaigns simultaneously, all from one Call Center CRM window
  • Organize and run campaigns based on customer disposition, home address or any other CRM field of your choosing
  • Run Auto Dialer, Predictive Dialer, text message and/or email campaigns from one centralized program
  • Easily review and manage all of your dynamic campaigns
  • Update your contact list through a web interface

Campaign Management:

Enabling a Dynamic Campaign: