Chapter 2: The Customer Acquisition Process


Your sales or acquisition process consists of the guidelines and software tools your company will use to gather more leads and close more sales. At the start of this process you will want to start with all of the leads your company has in order to sort through them. However, these leads are likely to be "unqualified" leads. Unqualified leads are contacts that your company haven't contacted yet or whose interest in your product is unknown.

This is where the process begins. You will want to import every lead you have as this process will, through automation, filter out bad leads while identifying your best leads. This will allow your agents to spend their time on only worthwhile leads. As opposed to wasting time calling untested phone numbers that could be uninterested leads or even disconnected numbers.

The following pages will give a summary of the Customer Acquisition Process. Later chapters will go into a detailed description of how the process works and how it can improve your company's process.