Run AutoReminder as a Client

To access appointment data from a remote computer where an Auto Reminder server is running, you need to run Auto Reminder as a client.

Select "View" -> "Setup Client Server... from the program main menu. Then from the "Setting up Client Server" dialogue window, select the choice labeled "Run as Remote Client" and set the "server host name/ip address", "listening port", and the "access password" set on the server.

If you cannot access the server, please refer to Remote Setup Guide for troubleshooting.

Use Client Server

You can run multiple copies of Auto Reminder clients simultaneously if you have a multi-user enterprise license.

The usage of the Auto Reminder client and server is almost the same. Since they all share the same appointment database, an appointment added on a client program is added automatically to the server. From time to time, the client program will automatically synchronize with the server data. To force a refresh of the current appointment data from a client, press the F5 key.