IVR Tutorial Lesson 6: Overview

Lesson 5 showed how to launch a program from an IVR application. You can run any Windows program (.exe) or any Windows batch script (.bat or .cmd). This tutorial sample can also be easily modified to launch and control any program using a regular telephone.

IVR Studio also has built-in support for website integration. This lesson shows how to submit information to a website from an IVR application.

The Sample

In lesson 5, the recorded audio file was always saved to a fixed file and that file was used by BroadcastByPhone as the broadcast message. However, if outbound calls are made from a different computer using the client-server setup (Enterprise Edition required) then the recorded audio file needs to be accessible from the remote computer.

In this lesson, the recorded audio message is submitted to the remote Voicent Gateway. After that, the rest of the application is exactly the same as in lesson 5.

Remote Broadcast

The Enterprise Edition of Voicent BroadcastByPhone is capable of running as a client-server system. To set up a remote broadcast host, select Broadcast > Broadcast Hosts... from the program main menu. Click Add New button to add a remote host. For more details, please refer to the Enterprise Edition Setup Guide or the program help file.

If you do not have the Enterprise Edition of BroadcastByPhone, you can still continue with this lesson. All the steps shown here are the same for a local setup as for a remote setup.

The rest of this section covers: