Screen Popups

When a call is connected to an agent, Voicent Dashboard automatically displays the following windows by default: CRM window, call script window, call history window, and campaign window. These windows will stay open even a call is disconnected, so agents will have time to enter call notes and update customer CRM records. These windows will be automatically closed when a call is released.

Customize Popup Screens

The CRM window and call script window can be customized within Voicent Gateway. For example, you can disable the CRM window or show a webpage for another CRM system. For details, please use the following instructions:

  1. Open "Voicent Gateway" -> "Setup" -> "Options"
  2. Go to the "Call Transfer Tab" then select "Screen Popup..."

    Here you can customize which windows will pop up when a call is being handled by Dashboard.

    Video link: Personalization