Reserve a Room: Overview

This tutorial will show you how to create a room reservation system with IVR Studio. It is recommended that you first finish the previous basic and advanced tutorials before starting this one. Upon completing this tutorial the system will allow people to call in to make and cancel reservations. The application is described below:

Reserving a Room

Callers can reserve rooms by entering a room number and a start time. If the room is available, the room is reserved in the database. A confirmation email will be generated and sent to the caller. If the room unavailable, they will be put on a waiting list and automatically contacted if the room becomes available.

Canceling a Reservation

If a caller wants to cancel a reservation, the system will loop through the rooms reserved under their name. The caller will be prompted to press a key to cancel. When a room is selected, the system will remove the reservation from the database. If there are people on the waiting list, the system will call them indicating that their room is available.

Additional Notes

This tutorial makes heavy use of databases. If you are not familiar with them, refer to the MySQL database and admin tools. You can also set up a local test environment on your computer by downloading a pre-packaged installer like XAMPP. Once XAMPP is installed, type localhost into the address bar of a browser to enter the XAMPP set up. Enter your desired language and then click on security to set your SQL and Apache passwords. Once XAMPP is set up, phpMyAdmin can be opened by typing localhost/phpmyadmin into the browser.

Sample Files

This package includes many of the files you will need when creating this application, including samples. In order to access the database, a JDBC driver is needed. If you are using a MySQL database, you will need the mysql-connector.jar that is included in the package.

A simple batch file for compiling the Java program is also included. You may need to change the installation path to your JDK installation.

Download Package for Advanced IVR Lesson 3: Room Reservation IVR Tutorial